Tuesday, 19 July 2016

5 Tips for Hiring Best Packers And Movers

Normally, a person shifts only once or twice in his life if he is not into a transferable job. Therefore, it is not very easy to have a deep insight of the authenticity and dependability of various packers and movers. Let us make your work easier by giving the 5 most important tips for hiring the best packers and movers in your city.

1. Check if the packers and movers are licensed and insured.
 Always verify and check that the packers and movers company is licensed and insured or not. Never hire any packers and movers who do not have  a license number or insurance. Also keep a note of the drivers who are associated with the company. A driver who is below 17 years and without license is likely to spoil your venture. Never hire packers and movers who do not insure your goods during the transportation.

2. See whether they are fulfilling your requirement or not.
 You should always keep in mind about your requirements so that you don't land into any kind of problem later. Many packers and movers do not provide the ' unpacking' service. In this case you may find yourself in a chaotic situation. The movers will dump your goods and leave. You will have to unpack and organise them which take a lot of time and work.Sometimes the packers are not experienced and expert in packing all kinds of goods whereas you may have a variety of belongings. Therefore it is very important to hire packers and movers companies in India according to your needs.

3. Check the prices.
 You may be shifting from one city to another or from one state to another. Always remember that the cost increases according to the distance. Don't get misguided by the moving companies. Always do researches and find out the best packers and movers at cheap rates in India.

4. Look for Offers and Discounts.
 Many reputed packers and movers in India provide different offers and discounts to their clients. Always look for the best offers and packages which match up to your needs. You may get many great deals in your city. Go for the best offers and get your work done at cheap rates.

5. Know your Rights.
 Always remember certain essential things like -
1) The moving company cannot demand a hefty sum of money or complete payment before the process is finished.
2) Your packers and movers has to provide you with a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, a booklet moving companies are required by Federal regulations to give to their clients.
3) The company is liable to provide all the information including its registration ID if asked for by the client.
4) The movers have to have their own trucks and vehicles and not bring rental trucks.
These 5 advices will help you in hiring the best.

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