Monday, 3 July 2017

Shifting Challenges During Monsoon

You are geared up to move your home, everything is already planned. You have also given a notice to your present landowner. But its monsoon time and your Smartphone is showing a heavy shower on the day of your shift. The only thing that is in your favor is that you have hired a group of specialized packer sand movers in Lucknow. You are concerned about how will you look after your goods from the rain. Feelings of sopping wet boxes and ruined furniture are making you plead for the sunshine on the day.

Moving in monsoon doesn’t have to be fearsome; all you need some sensible planning. If you are moving during heavy showers, you need to follow the below tips to protect your valuable possessions and mental tranquility even though, these might lead to an increase in your movers and packers overall charges.

·         Protecting your stuff
Hire a closed body containerized automobile for your relocation. This will give a shelter to your valuable possessions from the pouring rains. The majority of local home moving in India is carried out by open body trucks which can be a nice option when is sunny outside. These vehicles use trampoline covers during rainy weather to shield your goods from water and dust as well. So it proves to be a nice alternative in monsoon. Hiring a closed body container might cost you roughly 20% higher which will be worthy enough as this easy step will have a great role in keeping safe your precious belongings. So giving those extra bucks make a lot of sense.

·         Not letting the water seep in
The above step is all you need but in case you are not able to get a truck that is closed, you will need to do a little extra work. You need to make sure that all of your stuff is nicely packed with the help of waterproof packing which will avoid the water getting inside and thus preventing your stuff from the heavy rains. Waterproof lamination is obtainable with packers and movers, you can ask them to carry it in and make sure all your boxes are covered properly in lamination foil. If your movers are not offering lamination foil you can make use of food wrap clear foil and plastic bags to protect your precious goods. Basically, anything that would prevent water to seep will work for you.

We hope you have a safe and comfortable moving even in this heavy rain.

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