Monday, 28 August 2017

Why is Pune a smart city?

Pune is also known to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra. This city has owned a couple of epithets like – The Oxford of the east and The Queen of the Deccan.  Pune is not only a place for quality education but also an ideal spot to relax. Pune also has a number of attracting features that appeal thousands of tourists from all across the world. Not only tourists but Pune also attracts a lot of job seekers and students owing to the amazing educational facilities it has to offer.  As the city has such a positive vibe to it and the weather remains pleasant almost all round the year people are attracted more to Pune. In brief, this is a city which will offer you everything amusing.

•    Pune: Smart City
Pune is amongst the 98 cities that have been declared under the Smart City Mission by the Government of India for development. As Pune was already an urban city this gave it a boost from the Government of India. Pune was previously eligible enough to be called a smart city and by this, it has now become official. After Mumbai, the city is now becoming a commercial hub for Maharashtra with the bunch of companies and institutes Pune has. With a number of Multi National Companies adding each year the city is only on its way to success and achievement.

•    Beautiful City
Being a smart city, the place not disturbed its natural resources and that is what makes it a complete package for someone who loves to explore. Encircled in hills and forests this place creates an ideal place for travel purposes. The decent climate adds up to the beauty of the city. The city can also be called one of the greenest industrialized cities in India which is a big accomplishment in itself. With the majestic past, the country has a lot to offer when it comes to history and culture. Pune has one of the oldest universities in the nation which catches the attention of a number of students from India as well as abroad.  Also, a place for theatre and art the city attracts a lot of talented and artistic people from all over the country.

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