Monday, 18 September 2017

Why is Lucknow a famous city of India?

Lucknow is also known as the Golden city of the east and has a unique charm that everyone cherishes. It has a really nice blend of the historic monuments and the sophisticated building. Basically, Lucknow is a city that has it all. From delectable meals to intricate detailing on clothing items, it has it all.

Lucknow can be counted as one of the finest cities of Uttar Pradesh if we talk about mannerisms and cultures. Lucknow is one of its own kinds of cities.  A city you will not be able to find in the rest of the country. If you come here from a different city you will be able to observe a lot of things so unique that you will be astonished. In the world where people don’t have time for family, this city keeps its manners intact and welcomes everyone wholeheartedly.

Not only culture but art is also given a lot of importance. Any kind of talent is welcomed and recognized with a great amount of respect. Some of the talent seen widely in the city is singing, dancing and literature. This adds up to the grace of the city and each year comes up with hundreds of talented young people.

Lucknow is celebrated for its Chikan and Zardozi work. These are two types of Indian embroideries which require very delicate and intricate detailing. This adds a major part to the revenue of the city as the city export these in abundance and fulfilling the demand of the handcrafted embroideries not only in India but also in other countries.  Lucknow is also renowned for its delectable flavors. The city is famous for its kebabs and especially ‘Tunday Kababi’ which are globally famous.

Talking about the education facilities, you will not lack in quality or quantity. The city has numerous schools and colleges which provide excellent facilities to the students and one can easily find a career opportunity in the area in which they like to grow. These features add up to the possibility of growth and success for the people living in Lucknow.

Lucknow is also known for the tourist attractions it has to offer. If you come to Lucknow you should certainly visit the following places: Roomi gate, Bada Imambada, Shah Mina Shah, Tare Wali Kothi, Dilkusha, Khursheed Manzil, Satkhanda, Shahi Baoli, Nadan Mahal, Banarsi Bagh, Chattar Manzil.

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